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PARENTS -  We invite you and your family members from birth through fifth grade to participate. Start by creating a Group Account and then enter the number of participants. You are now ready to start!


How it Works:

  • Register for a group  account.
  • Print out the activity log. There are three activity levels.
  • Color in each activity!  Complete at least six activities to receive a reward and earn a chance at the grand prize drawing.
  • The first day to redeem each prize level is:
    • Level 1 -  December 19
    • Level 2 - January 9
    • Level 3 - January 23

Note: You can also participate by printing this log to record your activities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate?
Children birth through 5th grade and a parent or guardian.

Do I need a Naperville Public Library card to join?
No, the program is open to all.

Can I join the program after its official start date?
Yes, absolutely!

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